Here you can set the link for your Link tile. It will open every time an user clicks on the tile.

You can set the link for your Template Filter. It will open every time an user clicks on the tile. If you don't need a link, you can leave this section empty.

If you intend you can map a column from the list you've connected on Data Source list. To use that column as link, you need to place the column's internal name in brackets: {{URL}}.

Here is what you need to do to check your column name:

  1. Access Site contents and open your list;
  2. On the top menu, click on List and then List Settings (or Settings > List Settings);
  3. On the Columns section, click to open the colum name you want to use;
  4. Inside, on the URL look for "...Field=...".
  5. Copy the internal name;
  6. Now paste the name on the text box;


Open Site In

You can also decide whether that link when ckicked will do:

  • Same Window - Open the link on the same window/tab.
  • New Window - Open the link on the new window/tab.
  • Modal - Open the link inside a modal.

Links pointing to external sources might be blocked when using the modal, since the content is displayed inside an iframe.

Links pointing to unsecure connections (using http:// instead of https://) will be blocked by SharePoint Online when using the modal.

To enrich more the Filter template, you need to configure the other sections that we explain below:

After setting everything up, click on Save or Save and Create Another in case you want create more Tiles Templates with similar configuration. You can also preview the tile on the page before saving it, by clicking on the Preview button.