Here you define which columns of your document library will be used as filtering options. Each selected filter will be displayed as a dropdown element, with filter values.

The following example shows 2 filters: Topic and Department (therefore 2 mapped columns):

Configuration Result
dropdowns_filters.png dropdowns_filters.png

If no filters are defined, no dropdowns/filters will appear on the web part.
To use a column as a filter, you need to place it's internal name into the field.
To show a custom display name on the dropdown, place your text inside square brackets
To have a default value selected, add two colons after the interal or display name followed by the selected value.

e.g.: Dprt[Department]::HR, Topic::Web

To use that column as Filter, you need to place the column's internal name. Here is what you need to do to check your column name:

  1. Access Site contents and open your list;
  2. On the top menu, click on List and then List Settings (or Settings > List Settings);
  3. On the Columns section, click to open the colum name you want to use;
  4. Inside, on the URL look for "...Field=...".
  5. Copy the internal name;
  6. Now paste the name on the text box;


Filters Layout

Here you can define tha layout that your filters will have. You can choose between Dropdowns or Buttons.

Open Filters On

If you have chosen Dropdowns in the previous option, here you are able to choose how to open the dropdown, on Click or on Hover.